After the historical message made buy OP Shahrim Ahmad on Mon Nov 29, 1999 4:27pm to launch the first step in uniting all our OP class of 75 through the egroups listings. Well Shahrum we salute you for taking the initiative and hopefully by year 2001 our dream in uniting all the OP brothers will come true. At the moment our membership listed in the egroups stands at 54 members, we are optimistic that more will join the egroups listings when they hear about it.

I need help from you guys in maintaining and updating this site.we know out there among you guys there are many expert webmasters so if you have the time please help us in getting this site dinamically updated daily. our plan is that when all of you have started building webpages we could link them in a one stop center. a site that hyperlinks to all members. even if you don't have a site you could still contribute by sending us images, stories, journals, jokes or articles to be published in our site. don't worry about space as we are alocated with 50 megabite of space in this server, thanks to Tripod and Lycos. if we need a backup we'll make a mirror site in geocities or any other FOC server. so keep writing to us or post your input in the egroups mail and we will extract it from there.

Now BTW, as our egroup moderator (op shahrum) has requested that we post more images of op 1975, thus after searching the dark corners of the store room we manage to get some images most of it as you know are 25 years old.Therefore although our scanner is of state of the art, the scanned output is discolourised as the original photo. Anyway we are still counting on the rest of you guys to send us images or picts of our class of 75. You could attach the picts while posting messages in the egroups or have it mailed as an attachment to our email at It is even better if the images is already in the net, just provide us the URL and we'll have it posted in the gallery in a jiffy. This site also provide space for advertisement for members. Again contact us through the egroups if you need any help.

make this site more interactive please submit your contributions or comments through our Newsletter.