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Announcement From Kept Jamil Osman

Guys, For info wef 1 Sep 2000, a newly promoted officer Kol Razif (75-78 D, my batchmate of course, chief ragger too) has been appointed as new Cmdt of RMC. He was D Coy SUO in 78. Sure the Hwong brothers know him too well. Having gone through the full course of RMC training (4 years as buday boy and 2 years as regular cadet) I think he has the right credential to be the Cmdt. The most impt aspect of his appt is, in his case, he wants to be there. We have discussed on many occasions privately of how to bring back the glory of RMC of yesteryears and I personally think he can do it but certainly he needs a lot of support esp from OPA. For Pak Habib, I think you have a very pro-active officer to work with and I'm sure your teamwork will synergise for a better future of RMC. Jamil 7576E (pembawa khabar baik)

Serve To Lead


Ini ada satu cerita - Capt Shah

Last month saya ada pegi main golf ,OPA Annual Championship kat Hyatt Saujana. Saudara Mat Bashah pon ada main jugak tapi hari tu tak menjadi ,saya pon samalah!!! Saya ni dah memang lama dah dok tak menjadi,munkin nak jadi benda lain kot!!! We met our SUO NG KEAN HOOI dont know weather I got his name wright.He is the CEO of Prudential now .He played alright and got himself some prizes.Apet was also there and got himself a couple of prizes too!!Looks like me and Sdr Mat Bashah got a lot of practicing to do to catch up.Wee Vee Meng too was also there(got his name wright??) It seems that a lot of E Coy's are playing golf ,so me and Apet thought that we should organise an E Coy golf tournament .SUO Ng seems to agree. So all you E Coy's out there what say you???? Pak Pin, On your next trip home,please get me a couple of those cigars that we had at the OPA Dinner night.The ones that we had during the Bangi golf was not that good. SHAH

Ideas and suggestions from fellow ops

Very timely indeed for a barbecue at his house. I'm sure some of us had 'fond' memories of that house, you know what I mean esp Azizan and Sam of H Coy. Din, again I have to second your motion. And I suggest we do it on a Sat afternoon plus families and it can be a real 'down the memory lane' esp for those who miss the dinner. Again it is a great idea from you Din, and the entreprising Saidon would sure love it (he has been waiting for this moment) and he can do the multi-media presentation whilst we enjoy the food. Husae can bring some fresh fish from Lumut. And for golfers apa lagi pagi-pagi kita cangkui seround, yang tak main golf boleh pi crosscountry atau apa lagi buat fatiquelah..

Congratulation and Celebration

Congratulation to our Brother OP Razif on his promotion! All brother OPs would like to convey our heartiest congratulations to you sir, and we wish with your very pro-active officer in your team you will synergise towards a better future for RMC. Well Done Sir.

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