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Hobart, Tasmania
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About the
Al Isra & Mi'raj Sufi Bookshop

The bookshop is the largest specialist Sufi bookshop in the southern hemisphere. Located in Tasmania, the only island state of Australia, the Al Isra & Mi'raj bookshop started life in one of the carriages of a steam train which was part of a tourist attraction at Margate, a small town south of the Tasmanian capital, Hobart.  

 After two years of trading on the train the Al Isra & Mi'raj bookshop moved to its current premises in the centre of Hobart where it is housed with the Al Isra & Mi'raj Sufi Study Centre.  

 While specialising in Sufi books and tapes we also stock a large selection of books on Islam and comparative spirituality. 


Articles & Reviews

What is Sufism? 
Selected book reviews 
Sayings of the Prophet
Books from And The Sky Is Not The Limit Publishing 
Australia's First Sufi Magazine (2nd Issue Now Available) 

1998 Catalogue Subject Headings

  • Holy Qu'ran 
  • Qu'ranic Commentary 
  • Holy Prophet Muhammed 
  • Hadith - Arabic & English 
  • Hadith & Commentary 
  • Holy Men & Women 
  • Islamic Faith & Related Laws 
  • Islamic History, Philosophy & Science 
  • Islamic Economics 
  • Islamic Social Structure 
  • Traditional Art & Spirituality 
  • Comparative Traditional Religious Studies 
  • Sufi Poetry 
  • Sufi Masters 
  • Inner Islamic Studies 
  • Islam and Ecology 
  • Books By Hazrat Inayat Khan 
  • Books By Idries Shah 
  • Traditional Health & Healing 
  • Sufi Journals & Articles 
  • Arabic Language Study Tools 
  • Children's Books 
  • Dictionaries / Encyclopaedias 
  • Schools/Colleges - Text/Reference 
  • Cassettes & CDs 
  • Maps / Posters 
  • Miscellaneous [Books] 
  • Miscellaneous [Not Books] 


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