Mt Kinabalu

This is our recent trip to Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia.Here are whatever pic I manage to get off the digicam.
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Mt Kinabalu as seen from the Parks HQ.
For those  who have this insatiable desire to find out your bearings, this should be the South Side. Correct me if i am wrong.

The mountain has officially adopted the new height recently. Standing at 4095.2 m, it is still the highest peak between the Himalayan range & that of Irian Jaya's.

Sunrise at Low's Peak
This was the only picture I got  from my digital at the top of Kinabalu.  Low's peak is the highest point of Kinabalu. The picture does not do justice to the peak, you just got to be there.

A first day walk of about four hours will get you from the starting point of the trek to Laban Rata. You can take that as the treeline. Then usually , after resting there most people will then start for the summit at about 2 am for another three hour walk to the peak.

Mesilau Peak
I don't know whether this peak could be seen from the normal trail. I got permission from the Park Warden to do the eastern side of this giant. But I must say this walk to the eastern ridge was outstanding.
From this point where the picture was taken, it was a two hour walk from Laban Rata. The trail is more dense than the normal route. This, I guess, is because of the fact that it is less travelled.
Be forewarned, the Bowen's route will cost higher in terms of guide fees (
about 3 times higher). But it will be worth it especially if you do it slower & spend a couple of days at the Eastern Base camp.

Pics of Kundasang
Trip Details

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