Dear OPs , In Networking amongst Old Putera's there is "intra-batch" networking ( within our own peer group of batch 1975 ) which is what we are currently practicing ; and " inter-batch" networking which crosses age and seniority boundaries. The Old Putera community is today made up of a wider spread of age as we approach our 50th year of existence. Today we have them all as you know , and we can all share that common bond. Therefore networking between different age groups becomes more effective and productive. Networking is important especially among OPs who can give advices and lend a helping hand to the younger generation in particular involving business,career,politics etc. Through our past experience ( before and after the era of the Internet ) in Networking with OP's was and is very gratifying; we can share our "contacts" and serve all OP's better if we use the Internet to Network amongst all ... not just individuals. By doing so, our personal connections can become larger connections and thus in harnessing this platform , we will in due time have a network of OP's that is productive and sustainable.

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