Dear OP Jamil and all Listkins,  

I must commend you and your batchmates for being able to come together and network. The fact that you managed to keep in touch with two thirds of your batch speaks well for those who took the initiative to communicate even if it took 25 years to do so. In this case you have done better than most other batches except perhaps the Kutu's which are also a close-knit batch  and the younger "Rebellicans" , of which OP Azly is the Contact Person or Point Man.   I would like to ecourage the forming of such "Lists" by Intake or Batch to assist the OPA in maintaining it's Data Base of Ex-Puteras and Old Puteras. For the sake of uniformity I suggest we standardise the groupings as the " Class of .......... ( year in which they sat for their SPM  ).  

For a "Graduating Class" there could be different "Intake Years" but only one "Form Five Year".  It is therefore better to use the Form Five Year to define the Class. The term "Intake" is no longer appropriate. For example Dahan and I sat for our Form Five Exams in 1963 but Dahan enrolled in Form Three in 1961 and I enrolled in Form Four in 1962. Then Dahan stayed till upper six in 1965 while I left in 1963 after Form Five. The only common thing between us is that we were together in form five in 1963. So we call ourselves "Class of 63".   Once the OPA Secretariat has an up to date list of "Who's Where" , we can then through the various OP Community Home Pages link up and communicate across all Batches and age groups. I would also like to encourage the practice of holding Gatherings of Intakes and Batches at the OPA Penthouse. We have fixed Friday evenings for this purpose and the Secretariat Staff is there to assist in Catering/ PA System, etc.

These Gatherings will bring us closer together and in doing so , we will be able to get to know the needs of those less fortunate. This is what the OPA is all about ..... and nothing we do is more important that the welfare of our friends with whom we shared a common Experiece in the Alma Mater.   Lastly, I would be grateful if "the "Contact Persons" ( for each Intake/Batch ) like OP Jamil can register with the Secretariat or with OP Dahan , so that we can get the Data Base updated. We have hired two more Staff at the Secretariat recently and we can manage the administrative chores much better now.   Best Regards,   OP Habib.

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