Here is my brief response to u both wrt my batch. First I'd like to qualify myself that I can only speak on behalf of most of my batchmates that I'm in touch with. There were 152 of us, we called ourselves op1975 (Alec new boys). Out of that, 5 have since passed away, incl 2 in the college itself; one in the infamous pond in 77 and the other one due to some complication following an operation on an injury suffered during a volleyball game. I must say I'm in touch with 60-70% of them. The last we met as a group was in June last year where 72 members were present. About 10-15% are missing in actions ( still trying to contact them). I must admit it took us a great deal of effort to get together. Regretfully not many of them were members of OPA, we took the opportunity to encourage.

The theme of that meeting was 'walking down the memory lane'. A silver jubilee of our enrolment as new boys. The idea was to meet and catch up with one another as many amongst us have not met each other since we left college. It was also an opportunity to strengthen our network. The other aim of that meeting was also to help the needier ones amongst us in any way we could. Judging from my personal judgement (may be wrong though) I'd say many are successful in their own rights. Obviously some are more successful than others. However there are a few amongst us who are still struggling with their lives though not in that 'hand to mouth' situations. But they, despite all odds are working hard to do better.

Hope they will all achieve more later in their life. A few out of this small group showed a lot of potential (incl good leadership quality) when they were in College. Somehow, something must have gone wrong somewhere! But, surprisingly those who showed less potential, I don't know whether I can put them in the same basket with the famous 2 water-carriers who found 'success' later in their life, (as leaders or in their studies) seems to be doing better off today. Perhaps life is like that, it has its ups and downs. U may be up today and down tomorrow, and everyone of us needs some luck as we go along.

Siapa yang tak mahu berjaya? Now to response to ur earlier posting, I'd like to register my group email to be linked - 2ndly I'll informed the cttee if any of my batchmate needs any help, one way or another I'm sure we do. I think Pak Habib has opened many doors for OPs esp the YOPs and continuing to do so despite not being too well. Hoping ur much better now Pak President. Finally OP Dahan and ur cttee members, we do appreciate ur good work and concerns. Hope through this OPs could be closer.