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I got this idea when one of my visitors sent me a Newsletter. What a thrill! I think exchanging ideas through a newsletter makes cyberspace communication become that much more 'real'.  We want this newsletter to be the best one around. If you have suggestions, ideas, or feedback about this newsletter,  feel free to send it to us via the form below or if you are Interested in writing articles for this Newsletter? Fill up the form below, and  click to submit.

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Word of Thanks......
Since this is my second attempt at making a Newsletter, please be merciful if it isn't done that well. Any comments is greatly appreciated and suggestions are begged for. Unfortunately these pages ain't much but I do hope to improve it as time goes by.  My main headache  is on the contents.  So ... suggestions on what I can add to my pages is gravely needed and you'll have my deepest gratitude. CURRENTLY, I do not have any original works in my pages but I do hope I can have something original up soon.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to make this site possible. Special Thanks to OP Shahrum Ahmad who contributed the most.

Serve to Lead.


The OP75  Newsletter will be  created  to help every members promote their website and   business on the Internet.  Our mission is to make the P75 Newsletter   one of the largest newsletters available on the web   focusingon this topic. We will strive to make it a need for all members week after week.

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  and fellow surfers  who might be interested!

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The contents of this newsletter do not necessarily reflect our opinions and we makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, about the truth or accuracy of the contents of this newsletter.This free publication may be copied or forwarded, without alteration, for non-commercial use only.

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