Today , drinking tea is a common practice to stay fit and healthy. Tea leaves not only act as a cleansing agent for colon, it also contains bioflavanoids which are high in vitamin C, a well known vitamin that has many benefits including acting as a powerful anti-oxidant and immune system booster.

Niuslim Herbal tea, offers more goodness than the traditional tea. Niuslim Herbal tea has a blend of six other herbs especially formulated for the total well being of the body. They include:

* Fractus Foenicull to speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis to aid digestion and eliminate flatulence.

* Ramulus Taxili to tonify liver and kidney.

* Semen Pharbitidis to clear the bowels.

* Semen Arecac to help in indigestion with abdominal dimension and constipation.

* Semen Cassiae to help lower blood fat, inhibits the rising of blood cholestrol and is very effective laxative for constipation.

Niuslim Herbal tea does not contain caffein, chemicals, preservatives or coloring agents.